audacity //;

"so nothing's infinite," i say

"and nothing's definite either." a voice behind me completes.

-junkyard dogs; acidtowns

art blog // background image (by me)


you trace these tho. everything here is traced. i can smear a photo around and make it look just like a painting too lying little bitch.


Golly I haven’t heard that before.

please tell me where her photos that she apparently “smeared around” are from then

and also please explain her progress gif

goddamn I know what a smeared photo looks like (I’ve tried it before, don’t ask) and no, the individual hairs or any of her -drawn- details won’t be visible or have the same texture if she “smeared” a photo around. the hairs in the photo would undoubtedly have more shades of color than she uses, becuase she’s not going to copy her references pixel by pixel. so please, do fuck off

I hate how you can’t ask anonymous questions on the slide-out blog preview thing

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